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Apprentice Studio
Summer Friendship Program

What it takes to be a working artist.

The Apprentice Studio Summer Friendship Program 2 is the second Summer art experience that gasps middle and high schooler's attention through 7 weeks of the highest levels of creativity while making new friends. The thought process of a Creative is one of learning, expansion, and understanding. The Apprentice Studio Summer Friendship Program promises to mature the Apprentices by giving them leadership roles, structure, order, and discipline in the academia of the visual arts. At the end of the summer program, the Apprentices would have assisted in creating an art show produced and curated by Visual Artist Darrien Goodman. 

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Setting the Tone

MUSIC. Setting the Tone. The vibration of music causes the spirit to react in the frequency in which the brain, heart, and body vibe to. The Apprentices will randomly pick 2 genres of music that they will listen to throughout the summer program. The music will help the Apprentices come up with new innovative ideas for art pieces. During Week 1, the Apprentices will prepare the materials needed for creation exciting, innovative, original art pieces.

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 What's the System 

What's the System? Like the gears of a clock and the rotation of the solar system, order of operation is very important in successfully accomplishing goals. A system of creating helps the Apprentices to train the brain to focus on the task at hand. During Week 2, the Apprentice will prepare the materials needed for creation exciting, innovative, original art pieces while finalizing the composition for the art pieces that will be showcased the arts show. 

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Tones, Systems,
  and Keeping Records

At the beginning of the program, the Apprentices will receive a sketch book journal where all ideas and thought will be recorded. At this point in the summer program, the Apprentice would had formulate a system of creating, help come up the idea and composition for the art pieces, started creating the art pieces, and began to organize the production for the art show. 

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WEEK 4 through 7 
Mass Production and the Art Show  

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