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The Apprentice Studio Summer Friendship Program 2 is the second Summer art experience that gasps your children attention through 7 weeks of the highest levels of creativity. The thought process of a Creative is one of learning, expansion, and understanding. The Apprentice Studio Summer Friendship Program promises to mature the Apprentice by giving them leadership roles, structure, order, and discipline in the academy of the arts. At the end of the summer program, the Apprentices would have assisted in creating an art show produced and curated by Visual Artist Darrien Goodman for their families and friends to also visualize and experience the creative process throughout the program.

Setting the Tone


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MUSIC. Setting the Tone. The vibration of music causes the soul to react in the frequency in which the brain, heart, and body vibe to. The Apprentices will randomly pick 2 genres of music that they will listen to throughout the program that will help them come up with new innovative ideas for art pieces. During week 1, the Apprentice will prepare the materials needed for creation exciting and unique art pieces.

 What's the System 

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Tones, Systems,
  and Keeping Records

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WEEK 4 through 7 
Mass Production and the Art Show  

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